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Careers: Try Our Hot Topics' Quiz

Smart phones. Tweeting. Texting with your clients. The way we do business in the real estate industry has changed dramatically in recent years and new technologies are introduced almost daily it seems.

Have you kept up?

Take our new 20 minute assessment for currently licensed real estate professionals by clicking Try Our Hot Topics' Quiz at the right to find out. This assessment will test your knowledge of these hot topics in the real estate industry today:

  • Real estate finance
  • Using new technologies
  • Going "green"
  • Working with Next Generation buyers and sellers
  • Professional goals

Once you have completed the assessment, a results report will be emailed to you outlining how you scored in each area and offering developmental ideas to get you on track with the future of real estate.

Have you ever wondered if you have the right personality to grow and sustain your real estate business? Click Assess Your Personality at the right and find out!